Kumta Country Side, River Sharavathi and Netravathi

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Driving through the western ghat and coastal region of Karnataka is a treat. Though climate in the coastal region can be hot. In my recent trip, we were on the way to Idagunji from Sirsi as our Maruti Omni traveled through winding roads and curves of Western ghats, we came to a curve from where what we saw was a sort of valley. There was a small water body at a distance in the woods. I thought that was a lake but our driver told that is river Sharavathi.

Little down hill there was a bridge on river Sharavathi.

On the way to Apsara Konda we saw river Netravati. As it was a busy two way road it was not possible to stop the vehicle on the bridge. So took a picture of river Netravati from the vehicle. On river Nethravathi there was lots of fishing boats and you can get fish smell throughout.

River Netravati

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