Krishna Temple, Hampi

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After Sasivekalu Ganesha Mandapa we went to Krishna temple. It is located little further down the road. Krishna temple complex was built by Vijayanagara king Krishnadevaraya in 1513 after his victorious Orissa campaign. The deity here was infant avatar of Lord Krishna (Balakrishna) which was brought from Udaygiri (Orissa) subsequently.

Krishna temple in Hampi was built in panchayatana style with two enclosures, has the main shrine with the sanctum, a vestibule, a pillared pavilion and halls, a devi shrine and many sub shrines. The grand towered eastern gateway is an outstanding example of Vijaynagara architecture. The temple walls are carved with depictions of Bhagvat Gita, the puranic story of Lord Krishna and life of those times. The pillars of Mahamandapa has the sculpted depictions of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. It is one of the rare temple where we can find the a depiction of Kalki, said to be the lord of destruction in Kali yug. As of now there is no idol in this temple. The idol of Balakrishna is kept in state museum, Chennai.

Opposite to Krishna temple, on the other side of the road is the street Bazar (market) of Vijaynagara times and a pushkarani (pond).

Photography is allowed inside as well and no need to open shoes as there are no idols.

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