Kozhikode(Calicut) District, Kerela

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Location: Kozhikode district shares boundary with Kannur district in the north, Wayanad district in the east, Malappuram district in the sound and Arabian sea in the west.

District Headquarter: Kozhikode (Calicut)

Distance: Around 354 km from Bangalore, 1838 km from Kolkata, 135 km from Coimbatore, 733 km from Hyderabad, 529 from Chennai, 917 km from Mumbai, 1932 km from Delhi, 101 from ooty.

Journey time: 8 – 10 hrs by bus

How to reach there: By Bus, train or by plane from Karipur airport.

Route: Bangalore – Mandya – Srirangapatna bypass – Gundlupet – Bandipur – Gudalur – Devarshola – Nelliyalam – Pantheeramkavu – Calicut

Where to stay:


1. Malabar Palace
Manuelsons Jn., G.H. Road, Kozhikode-673 001
Kerala, India.
Ph: 91-495-2721511 (6 lines)
91-495-2720212. Fax: 91-495-2721794.
E-mail:malabarpalacecalicut@gmail.com, mpalace@sancharnet.in

2. Hyson Heritage
P.B. No.114, Bank Road, Calicut -673001
Ph :0495 -2766423 , 2766726 .
Fax : 2766518
Email: hysonclt@satyam.net.in
Web : http://www.hysonheritage.com

3. Kadavu Resort
N.H.17 Calicut Bye Pass Road,
P.O. Feroke College,
Calicut – 673 632,
Kerala, India.
Tel: +91-483-2830570, 2830023, 2830027
Fax: +91-483-2830575
Email: info@kadavuresorts.com, sales@kadavuresorts.com
Website: http://www.kadavuresorts.com

4. The Gateway Hotel
P.T.Usha Road
Calicut – 673 002, Kerala, India
Tel: (91-495) 6613000
Fax: (91-495) 6613001
Website: http://www.thegatewayhotels.com/

Budget hotel:

1. Beach Hotel
Beach Road, Calicut
Pin – 673 032
Tel – 91 495 2762056
Kerala, India
E-mail : info@beachheritage.com
Website: http://www.beachheritage.com/

2. Asma Tower
Mavoor Road, Calicut.
Phone: +91-495-40-88-000
Fax : +91-495-40-88-088website: http://www.asmatower.com

3. East Avenue Suites
Nadakkavu, Wayanad Road, Calicut-673 006
Phone : 0495 2367173/174/175
Fax: 0495 2367153
Email: mail@eastavenuesuites.com
Website: http://www.hoteleastavenuesuites.com

4. Hotel Thushara International
Kodenchery, Kozhikkode- 673580
Kerala, South India
Phone: 91 495 2236909 , 91 495 2238267 , 91 495 2238689
Fax: 91 495 2238267
E-mail: thushara@thusharainternational.com, reserve_thushara_intl@yahoo.co.in
Website: http://www.thusharainternational.com

5. Sea Queen Hotel
Beach Road, Kozhikode,
Calicut-673001, Kerala, India.
Tel +91 495 2366604, 804, 904, 054
Email: mail@seaqueenhotel.com
Website: http://www.seaqueenhotel.com

Where to eat: Khyber, Malabar Mansion, Paramount Tower Hotel

Language spoken: Malayalam, Hindi and English

Kadalundi bridge

Kozhikode also know as calicut was prominent center of trade for spices since ancient times and was once the capital of the Zamorin kingdom. Calicut has been visited by various foreign travelers from countries like China, Middle east etc. In 1766 Hyder Ali of Mysore captured Calicut and most of northern Malabar coast. However, conflict of interest with the British who have established themselves in the then Madras presidency. In the third Anglo – Mysore war Calicut was ceded to the British. Kozhikode (Calicut) district was formed in 1st January, 1957.

What to See:

1. Mananchira Maidan (Square): Mananchira maidan is located besides Mananchira water tank at the center of Calicut. It has nice park with trees, artificial stream, musical fountain, open theatre etc. The periphery of the water tank is flanked by various important building like Zamorin’s palace, Town hall, C.S.I. Church, Basel Mission Complex etc.

Mananchira Maidan

2. Calicut Planetarium: The 250 seater planetarium is a great attraction for childrens and space buffs.

Address: Regional Science Centre & Planatarium, Near Jaffarkhan Colony, Calicut – 673006. Ph : 0495-2770571
Website: http://www.rscpcalicut.org/
Timmings: 10.30 am to 6 pm

3. Kadalundi: Kadalundi is famous for the recently declared bio reserve for birds and is a destination for migratory birds. Mangrove forest, Pulimoodu, lighthouse are some of the things you can go sightseeing. It is located around 25 km from Calicut.


Nearby you can visit the fishing harbour and port town of Bypore located at the mouth of Beypore River. It is located around 10 km from calicut.

Chaliyam near Bypore is a scenic place featuring an ancient Portuguese fort and Feroke bridge.

Also, in nearby Vallikkunnu you can visit Azhimugham where Kadalundi river joins Arabian sea and is popular for migratory birds. Another popular attraction is kadalundi kadavu bridge. You can visit temples like Niram Kaitha Kotta Temple of Lord Aiyappa and Mekkotta Bhagavathi Temple.

4. Kozhikode Beach: Kozhikode Beach is a serene white sand beach with popular recreation parks like Lion’s children park and a marine aquarium. Amazing sunsets can be captured from here.

Kozhikode Beach

5. Sarovaram park: Sarovaram park is a bio park located near to Canoly canal.

Sarovaram park

6. Tali Temple: Tali Shiva temple built around 12th century was patronized by the Zamorin kings.

You can view two others temples – Panniyankara Bhagavati Temple and Thiruvannur Siva Temple. Bhagavaty temple located near Kallayi river is built before 10th century that is even before Calicut was established. Thiruvannur Siva Temple is another 10th century temple which was earlier Jain shrine which was later converted into a Shiva temple.

7. House of Kunjali Marakkar: Kunjali Marakkars were the naval chief of the Samoothiri Raja who fought the Portuguese.

House of Kunjali Marakkar

8. Kuttichira Mosque: Zamorins built the Kuttichira Mosque with Hindu architectural influence with many mosques with a tank in the center.

Kuttichira Mosque

9. VK Krishna Menon Museum: This museum is located near to Pazhassi Raja Museum. Here you can get a peek on the life of VK Krisha Menon.

10. CSI Church

CSI Church, Calicut

11. Kappad: Kappad beach is the place where Vasco Da Gama landed on 27 May 1498 in India. A monument has been erected in this regard there. It is located around 16 km from Calicut on the Kannur road. It is a beautiful beach and is ideal for picnic.


12. Thusharagiri Waterfalls: Thusharagiri waterfalls is located around 50 km from calicut. Here two hilly streams meet to form the river Chalippuzha. Here the river splits into three parts and plunges as a falls. The name Thusharagiri means snow capped mountains as the falls gives a feeling of snow capped hills.

Thusharagiri Waterfalls

13. Kirtads: Kirtads located around 7 km from Calicut features ancient tools and devices of Kerela tribal.

One may visit the Ghat section bordering Wayanad to view amazing scenic beauty. If you have time you can vist Kallai termed as one of the largest timber trading center in the world. For shopping in Calicut town do visit SM street.