Karnataka Government Proposes New Authority to Highlight Chalukya Monuments

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The Chalukya dynasties which ruled large part of south and central India in between 6th and 12th century AD, left some magnificent monuments which are now present in central and northern Karnataka. The Chalukyas were related by blood but they ruled as three distinct dynasties – early Chalukya, eastern Chalukya and western Chalukya.

The government of Karnataka has now proposed to create a Chalukya Development Authority on the lines of Hampi Development Authority to further develop the Chalukya destinations for tourism. It is known that the potential for tourism in this part of Karnataka is immense but infrastructure and needed amenities leaves a lot desirable. This authority will study the requirement and implement what is necessary. Chalukya monuments of Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal, Koodalasangama, Kalyani etc will be covered by this authority. Pattadakal is already a UNESCO world heritage site.

This is a right step to have a focused development and increase tourist foot falls. It should work in the districts of Bagalkot, Bellary, Bijapur, Haveri, Koppal etc with related Chalukya or other monuments of importance. Let us see how it comes up.