Karanji Lake, Mysore

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This was my 7th visit to Mysore. With every visit I started to like Mysore more. It was a very short visit lasting just over 24 hours. As a city Mysore is quite calm and can as a rejuvenation trip.

First we quickly saw St Philomena’s church which around half a kilometer from Sadar bus stand (KSRTC). Then we head on to Karanji lake. It is located around 6 km from Sadar bus stand. Auto charge should not be more than Rs 45 and city bus is also available.

Ticket cost: Rs 10 per head
Still camera fee: Rs 10

karanji lake

Karanji kere (kere means lake in Kannada) is a natural lake with a total area of 90 hectares. Water area is 55 hectares. Karanji lake is administered by Mysore Zoo authority. With huge green cover and the shady water front is a great place to spend time. Boating is available in the lake. I read that the park has been restored sometime back and looks like it is well maintained. The ideal way to see Karanji lake is to stroll through the shore line and see whatever comes on the way. It is a great heaven for migratory birds like herons, Painted storks etc. There were also a large number of Neer Kagi (bird name in Kannada, not sure what it is called in English).

Bird enclosure: This is probably one of the best place to watch bird. Inside the enclosure the birds are free. Peacocks, white peacocks, hen, duck and lots more variety to be seen.

karanji lake

Watch tower: You can get the best view of the lake from the watch tower.

Butterfly park: The butterfly park here is created on an artificial island in the lake on the lines of Butterfly park at Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore.

There is also an aviary and a museum. Karanji lake is located just besides Mysore zoo.

karanji lake

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Note: This days the hotels have become little conservative in renting out rooms. Many of them like Gupta Hotel, Hotel Sangeetha etc do not wish to give rooms to unmarried couples. However, you can check in to other hotels like SK residency in Devaraj Mohalla (single room Rs 350 and double room Rs 800 plus).

Guys can stay at Jaya chandra lodge (2428509) at Kothwal Ramaiah road, Devaraja Mohalla for Rs 300 – 350. Do bargain with them. But the hotel did not look like to have a healthy environment. Not advisable for families and couples.

Dinner at Sreedevi Restaurant (Devaraja Mohalla)
Launch at Kairali Restaurant opp Sadar bus stand (Maharaja complex). Had mussels for the first time there.

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