Japanese Forest | Garden | Eco Park, Kolkata

Japanese forest at Eco Park, Kolkata is a garden curated in Japanese style. The garden created inside Eco park with considerable area is only beautiful aesthetically but also soothing spiritually. It has a separate sizeable area inside Eco Park and has an entrance as well. Japanese forest has been nicely curated with various items of spirituality. The monastery has been built with Ryoanii Temple in mind (located in Kyoto, Japan). You will find prayer wheels with statues of the Buddha, each of which houses 1,000 prayers. The bell rings continuously. Pre Covid the smell from incense would make one feel bliss. Certainly this place has a lot of positive energy.

A walk around can make you feel like a walk in a real Japanese forest. Also found are the Yellow Bamboo forest. Water body and the bridge are a cult from typical Japanese gardens. Due to Covid many items are striped or are not functioning here. Nevertheless it is an awesome place. I have seen Japanese garden at Lalbagh, Bangalore and if I compare it with Japanese forest, Eco Park, this one is better. There are some other Japanese gardens in India viz Chandigarh, Pune, Margoa etc. Eco park is a must see place in Kolkata during kolkata sightseeing tour and it is also probably one of the best places to visit in kolkata for couples.This Kolkata vlog mainly explores Japanese forest at Eco Park.

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