Jain Temple, Jayanagar, Bangalore

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Location: Jayanagar

Address: #102, Elephant Rock Rd,3rd Blk, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560011
Phone: +91 – 80 -26634819

Bus route: All buses going to Jayanagar and JP Nagar.

 jain temple, jayanagar

Its actual name is Shri Adinath Digambar Jain temple. The construction of this temple started in the early part of this decade and completed in 2007. The speciality of this temple is that it has been built in white marble with colourful shades. The Jain temple located right along side main road welcomes with a nicely sculpted gate. Once you get in, you are greeted by two white marble elephant on both side. You can climb a few stairs to reach the main mandir. You can also climb two small stairs at the back side of the main mandir to get to the top. Apart from the main mandir, there were 3 other deities. I am not sure about the names.

 jain temple, jayanagar

You may take one of your Jain friend along with who may act as your guide and help you identify the deities. You can spend some time enjoying the architecture in white marble. Good for for short visit.

 jain temple, jayanagar