Invitation by Club Mahindra

In May I was offered to review one of Club Mahindra’s resorts. It is part of Mahindra group which comprises diverse group companies from IT to 2 wheelers/4 wheelers to aircraft manufacturing. Club Mahindra as a travel and leisure company mainly targets the corporate traveler with its memberships. The unique concept of membership paid through EMI or outright payment which covers only the stay (lodging) for 25 years was brought for the first time in India by Club Mahindra. They run a chain of high end resorts in various parts of India. Mahindra have a good brand name and so does Club Mahindra.

I was offered a few choice and I selected Kumbalgarh, Rajasthan. The visit took place in the last week of July and in that circumstance Kumbalgarh seems to be the best choice. This time of the year monsoon sets in most of the hill stations in India. Though I did not know much, I selected Kumbalgarh thinking that it might be hot but it will not rain extensively. I visited Cochin in the month of May and it was hot there in the range of 38 C – 40 C. As I was able to manage that, I thought I should be able to manage this. Also, my understanding of Rajasthan typically was it is a desert. But it is not so, Kumbalgarh was a revelation for me! One should be there to experience that revelation.

Once I received the invitation from Club Mahindra I was very thrilled. I knew other people who have already done so. We started planning about the dates and I settled for the last week of July. I was little anxious when I received the accommodation voucher. It was in another person’s name. So I inquired with them on this. They explained that accommodation vouchers can be made only in the name of existing members and hence my accommodation voucher was made in the name of an employee. I also checked with my friends and those who are in know of this. All arrangements were made in time so that I could plan well. Almost every place I visit, I do my research home work. I got little idea what I was going to see.

Two days before the travel, the resort manager from Club Mahindra, Kumbalgarh called up to confirm the stay and welcomed to visit there. I readied by photography and travel kit in anticipation for the big day. I carried just one hand bag which is good enough to handle goods for 2 – 3 days. This gives me more freedom and flexibility. Story of the big day coming soon.

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