Innovative Film City, A whole Some Entertainment Center At the Outskirt of Bangalore

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At the start of this decade (i.e 2000 – 2001) there were no theme park in Bangalore forget wholesome entertainment centers. Those were the days of Crazy Waters at Bannerghatta road, Niladri in Electronics city and Fun World at Palace Ground. Among then only Fun World has survived till now. Now in 2010 we have a lot of options like Wonder la at Mysore road, Lumbini garden near Hebbal etc. But the grand addition in terms of entertainment center happened in the form of Innovative Film City near Bidadi. It was inaugurated on 18/01/2008.

Innovative Film City


Innovative Film City
#24 & 26, Bidadi,
Bangalore- 562 109
Karnataka- INDIA
Tel: +91-080-220 999 99

How to reach Innovative Film City: It is wise to visit Innovative Film City in your own vehicle. However, you can visit there by using BMTC bus. Board a bus for Bidadi from Majestic and get at the junction mentioned below. From here you will have to hire an Auto. Bargain and settle for Rs 20 – 25. (Note: If you do not get a direct bus to Bidadi from Majestic then you may have to Kengeri and board a bus for Bidadi.

Route: If you are traveling from Bangalore look out for Innovative Film City board on the left hand side at a junction just before Bidadi. We need take left deviation here. Now follow the sign-boards to reach there. For more details check the map.

Innovative Film City

As of today I have visited Innovative Film City two times. I have wrote about Innovative Film City on 2 years ago but it is not yet complete. There are still some shops to open and some tweaking going on.

Today I visited there as part of a family outing. We reached there around 11.30 am.

Entry fee: Rs 50 / person
Parking is free
Still Camera fee: Rs 100
Professional camera not allowed

Timings: Weekdays – 10 am – 6 pm
weekends and holidays – 10 am – 7.30 pm

They have various packages like Rs 399 featuring some rides and options. Rs 699 includes all. Today was a republic day holiday and it was quite crowded. Today everywhere flowers were in full bloom. It was event right from the entrance gate where a particular species of flower in different colour and shades made a spectacular display. Once your tickets are checked, you will pass through a walled passage. On both the sides of the passage you have conference room, shops etc. After a little walk you will reach a shaded place, from here the entertainment center starts. Here, you can see a demon and a gunman made of iron. Proceed further to see Wannado ( a new section from kids), Repley’s Believe it or not, Madame Tussuad’s wax house, Hunted house, Aqua kingdom offers artificial beach and water experience at Rs 100, fossil museum, dinosaurs park, mini golf course, mini go karting ( normal car – 30 km/hr – Rs 150 for 4 laps, sports car – 80 km/hr rs 200 for 4 laps), skating, a few rides like roller coaster, revolving horse ride, a film studio which offers – Film academy, Production house and Film shooting, amphitheater etc.

Innovative Film City

Some good news. Bangalore is soon going to have its first snow park here. It will be a followed by Guinness World Records Museum, a giant wheel, bungee jumping, bumper ball, bob spacer and a multiplex with 21 screens.

One thing that bothered me through out my stay there was the heat. It is advisable to visit there late after noon or in the evening. Also, good eateries were missing. One can spend some good time at Innovative Film City with family or friends. Because of the immense heat we left early at 2 pm. Do carry sun glass, hat or sun screen lotion.

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