Independence Square, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Independence square is a place of historical importance for the people of Sri Lanka. It was here on February 4th, 1948 the formal transfer of power for Sri Lankan self rule from the British took place. Also, the first parliament session of Sri Lanka was presided here built on a special podium. It houses the independence memorial hall and the independence memorial museum.

Independence memorial museum:

Location: Basement
Timings: 9 am to 5 pm
Fees: Rs SL 5 for Children, Rs SL 10 for adults (locals)
Rs SL 250 for camera

The independence memorial hall was built in traditional Kandyan kingdom style. It is located on an elevated platform with lined pillars and a roof. In front of the memorial hall, is the statue of Don Stephen Senanayake – the first Sri Lankan prime minister and the father of the nation.

The area around the memorial hall has a well laid garden with fountains. The area is known as Cinnamon Gardens and is one of the most prestigious locations in Colombo. The Prime Minister’s Office, Independence Hall, Colombo Town Hall, National Museum, many foreign embassies & high commissions are located here. It is also house to the countries elite. This area was earlier under cinnamon plantation and hence the name Cinnamon Gardens. However, during the British rule it was known by the name Torrington Square. It also a nice hangout place. I would suggest to visit this place in late afternoon to enjoy it better.

Then the sun will cool down and you can take a walk around or enjoy playing in the garden. I really loved the place and hope to be there again.

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