Hemakuta Hill, Hampi

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Virupaksha temple as seen from Hemakuta temple

Hemakuta hill is located besides the grand Virupaksha temple in Hampi. We need to take the left lane in front of Virupaksha temple to hike to the top of Hemkuta hill. This completely stone rock has a number of small temples scattered all over the hill.

Achuta Raya temple as seen from Hemakuta hill

Hemakuta hill is one of the best place to watch sunrise and sunset in Hampi. On the west side, we walked till the edge of the hill to watch sunset. However, one can sit on the stone structures as well. On the east facing Virupaksha temple, one can watch a a beautiful sunrise. Most of the temple here are dedicated to lord Shiva.

On top of Hemakuta hill

Toward the southern side one a can find a small Hanuman temple. Also, we can see the areal view of Sasivekalu Ganesha temple and Krishna temple. To the north we can Achuta Raya temple.

Hanuman temple

On the northern side there is a small pond which makes me think that earlier they might have been involved in rain water harvesting.

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