Go karting at Grips and Lake on Mysore Road

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Mysore road now a days has quite a few popular entertainment destinations like Innovative film city, Wonder La. However, there are others too which are not too well known like Janapada Loka. Today, I will talk about two more such places on Mysore road.

1. Grips Go Karting

Grips is good go karting track without much luxury around. For more details, click here.

2. Lake on Mysore road

If you are traveling from Bangalore towards Mysore, you will see a lake on the right hand side with lots of greenery. There are a few small island in the lake. Boating is available in the lake. During evening you can hoards of bird flocking to a particular tree located on one island in the middle of the lake. The it feels like the tree has a white spotted color. This place could be good for bird watching or for a peaceful halt while driving on Mysore road.

lake,mysore road

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