Trip to Gavi Gangadeshwara Temple, Gavipura Park and Ramkrishna Mission, Basavanagudi

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Gavi Gangadeshwara temple

Location: Bull temple Road, Basavanagudi

How to reach there: From city market Bus # 45, 34 etc buses which goes to Gavipuram and gives stop near Ramkrishna Mission. Bus # 45 comes from Majestic.

Gavi Gangadeshwara temple in Bangalore is temple of excellent architecture, historical and geographical importance. This temple is believed to be one of the most ancient temples in India. Later the founder of Bangalore kempe Gowda added to the structure of the temple. Read the history of the temple below from the picture which I have taken there.

From the outside the Gavi Gangadeshwara Temple looks like any typical temple in this part of karnataka. But once you decend through the steps and enter the cave, a altogether different world emerges. In the beginning it may just look like a small cave with a Shiva Linga known as Gavi Gangadeshwara. But once start exploring half bended at places, you will try to appreciate what a place it is. There two passages forming two half ring passage containg small statutes of various sages, gods and goddesses. Just besides Gavi Gangadeshwara idol idol is Guva (cave) Durga (goddess Durga). Behind Guva Durga idol also there is a half ring passage. If you enter the larger passage from the left hand side, little later on the way you will find two ways leading to darkness. In one written leads to Kashi and other ( bigger in size) leads to Shivagange. Really curious, if anyone has ever tried to go through those passages? The terrain of the passage looks difficult as it is decending.

One front of Gavi Gangadeshwara idol is a statue of stone carved Nandi (cow). Here one miracle happens every year on the day of Sankranti ( new year day in many parts of India), the rays of the sun pass between the horns of the Nandi placed outside the temple, illuminating the idol of Lord Shiva. This phenomenon typically happens on the 14th/15th of January every year. This shows how much our ancestors had knowledge of advanced architecture and astronomy. It is natural monolithic cave dedicated to Lord Shiva known as Gavi Gangadeshwara. Check an article on the astronomical importance of the temple. Outside the temple you can go to the top and and take a walk. You will find two nicely sculpted gopuras. I am not sure if they are stone sculpted or cement art. Just at the entrance there are two stone discs opposite to each other ar a little distance. In ancient times temple keepers used to identify time watching the sun rays falling on the discs. After getting down the steps you can see a tall bronze akash deep which typical of the temples of south karnataka.

After the scientific and religious journey, if you want to spend a little time with nature then that facility is also available in the form of Gavipura park. The The park is an awesome place greenery located on a hill. One can get nice view from. In the evening they play classical music or raga. The park has good quality speakers installed all over the place.

On the way back you can view Ramkishna Mission. Ater 6.30 pm things to see like mother’s rock are closed. Am ideal planning would be cover Bull temple, Gavi Gangadeshwara temple, Gavipura park and Ramkrishna mission in a day or a few hours depending on the time you have. You may start with Bull temple – Ramkrishna mission – gavipura park – Gavi Gangadeshwara Temple. This schedule should hold good if you can reach Basavanagudi by 3 pm.

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