Indian Wine Tasting With Four Seasons at UB City, Bangalore

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Wine as a beverage drinks is catching up fast in India and leading in this regards is the UB group with their Four Seasons wines. Four Seasons has been quite aggressive in promoting their wines. Recently, I was invited to one of their promotional wine tasting events at Fawa, UB City, Bangalore. The host did a pretty good job of introducing invitees to the history of wine, process of wine making, different kind of wines and so on. Exclusively Four Seasons has 9 different variety of wines: Four Seasons Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Blush (Rose) Wine, Merlot, Viognier, Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Barrique Reserve Shiraz. Among them the Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Barrique Reserve Shiraz are allowed to mature for 9 months in New French Oak Barrels. And we all know the older the wine, the tastier it is!

Now lets get into wine tasting! It has its own etiquette, if you follow while tasting will give an enriching experience. Started with the red wine Four Seasons Cabernet Sauvignon. First evaluate your wine with sight, then by smell and finally let your tongue taste it. Look into your glass vertically from top then hold it in light and lastly give it a slight tilt so that the wines moves to the edges of the glass. Here we were trying to gauge the depth of color, density and saturation of the wine. In terms of view you can try a straight, side or a tilted view. Next step is to swirl the glass by placing the glass on a flat surface. Now try to smell from close quarters and feel the aroma of the wine. Red wines are eternal good but I liked their Rose (Blush) variety more. Then tried my hands on the white wines which too had a pleasant taste. One of the trick, the host taught was to try lemon and then try to taste the white wine with the tip of the tongue. Yo! it does make a different in its taste. Note that the sugar buds are located at the tip of the tongue. So try tasting wine with the tip of your tongue for a better experience.

Food and wine goes hand in hand. So food followed soon. Typically these wines goes good with salads and spicy veg/non-veg items. The grapes for making these wines are sourced from Baramati region of Maharashtra. Also their winery is located there. To promote wine tourism, Four Season has made necessary hospitality arrangements. Indian wine these days is going places and scene looks bright. Overall a good experience with a lot of wine gyan soaked in.

If you are an Indian wine lover in Bangalore, you can order Four Seasons wines online. Good news! Delivery is free in Bangalore city limits. However, you will have to order a minimum of 4 bottles of 750 ml and ordering person has to be 21 years old.

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