Four Seasons Lunch Meet at Hyatt Bangalore MG Road

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Four Seasons one of the premier promoter of wine in India, organized an wine testing session at Hyatt Bangalore MG road yesterday. At arrival was greeted with Cabernet sauvignon red wine. At first sip I could tell it was a nicely made wine and presented with beautifully masticated fruit pieces. The lunch meet was unique in that participants were encouraged to prepare two food items that typically go with wine. People were divided into groups and my team got to prepare pasta tortellini and chicken grill. Well ya with a helpful chef’s advise though. With a white apron wrapped around and a white chef cap, almost gave a chef feeling at a five star hotel. This gave a certain understanding of what kind of food goes with wine and can make it to taste better. The chef while guiding us gave enough freedom to try any ingredient and a discovery of the end product! After cooking we had our end product and yes they were pretty good (thanks to the chef’s guide lol). Also, we got other people to taste them.

This was followed by the lunch while we continued to enjoy some good Cabernet sauvignon red wine from Four Seasons. Lunch time was also the discussion time about our writings, travels, blogs, different aspects of wine etc. The prominent in discussion was different types of wine, wine tourism and travel in general. Wine could be a drink in India which allows people to meet over. Wine is a very sophisticated drink in that it requires a lot of effort and knowledge to produce good wine. Naturally a lot of sophistication is associated in presenting wine as well. You see the glass and think how it is had, you will know what I am talking about. In all it was a successful meet with nice blend of people.

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