First Blazing Rain of 2016 in Bangalore

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By the end of February, summer starts in Bangalore and this time by the middle of March it was pretty hot. Last couple of days, it was almost on everyone’s mouth that it’s so hot. Then came the Bangalore special yesterday. It rained!! The first blazing rain of the season.

I remember during my early college days in Bangalore one teacher said, “whenever it becomes very hot, from somewhere clouds will come and it will rain”. This has been the Bangalore of my dream. I just fear how long it can sustain the onslaught of population, construction, pollution and destruction of its nature.

Colleagues and friends were posting on social media that it was raining in their area, while it did not started raining in our area yet. But the cloudy onset itself was so soothing and cool.
On the way to office the blazing rain started. It was as if nature was cleaning itself. As usual when it rains heavily, it creates a horde of traffic in Bangalore. After a while I slept off and woke up only at the gate of the office.

Enjoy some pictures from yesterday. Cheers!!

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