Bathing With Elephants

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When comes to adventure bathing, we think of bathing in the river, waterfalls, sea and the like. Have you ever thought of bathing with a jumbo!  Yes, I am going to tell about my experience of bathing around these gentle giants.

This was at Dubare elephant camp on the banks of river Cauvery in karnataka. Early morning we reached the bank of river Cauvery after traveling around 250 km from Bangalore. The rays of sun on the thinning layer of fog was refreshing. After crossing the river on a coracle was the first encounter with an elephant which was walking towards me from the forest guided by a mahout. Slowly this Jambo was joined by other elephants for a royal bath at river Cauvery. Elephant bathing is allowed here. I asked for more. So I decided to get myself a bath as well. So it was bathing with the elephants!

Like an element changes its nature under different conditions. Likewise, even Alive is awesome moments are different under different conditions but the feeling is always the same. Soon the jumbos were in the water led by the mahouts. While the mahouts were giving bath to the elephants, their style was a sight to behold. In place of soap and scrub they were using river sand and smooth stones. I wish I could suggest the mahouts to use Cinthol lime soap! What would have been the elephant’s feedback on Cinthol’s strong fragrance and freshness. Two of the jumbos slept on the river shore submerging themselves. I went near the elephant and gave some spa treatment with river sand.

I dint wanted to let go a awesome bathing experience in the company of elephants. So around them I also started enjoying bath. There was an adolescent elephant, which was seeing me with curious eyes! On the other hand a big male elephant was pulling water through its trunk and sprinkling over itself. Instantly, the recent Cinthol Alive is Awesome video came to mind. I wished I could sit like that on an elephant with cinthol lime rubbing me to freshness and the Jumbo would sprinkle water on me. What an experience that would be! Check the Cinthol video below:

I sat on the river shore water watching and enjoying this amazing experience. Meanwhile, I felt a gentle push on my back. As I saw back to my amazement it was the baby elephant. With the mahout’s permission I hold it as it stood near me. Baby elephants are very jovial, restless and curious. That make them so much fun to watch! As the bathing session ended, I was walking back from the water in sync with the elephants – as if in the same company. Of all the living beings, elephants probably takes bath in one of the most stylish way. And bathing with them in style is nothing but Alive is awesome experience!