Eiffel Tower Replica At Eco Park, Kolkata

Eiffel tower Kolkata !! yes you can see and get a feel of Eiffel tower in the Indian city of Kolkata. A replica of Eiffel tower has been installed at Eco Park, Kolkata. The original Eiffel tower is located in Paris, France. It is wrought-iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars and named after engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. The replica is part of the 7 wonders of the world which has been installed at Eco Park. The seven wonders includes replica of Taj Mahal, Pyramid of Giza, Christ the redeemer, Petra, Great Wall of China and stone statues at Easter Island.

Locally nicknamed “La dame de fer” (French for “Iron Lady”), it was constructed from 1887 to 1889 as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair and was initially criticised by some of France’s leading artists and intellectuals for its design, but it has become a global cultural icon of France and one of the most recognisable structures in the world. The Eiffel Tower is the most-visited paid monument in the world.

The original Eiffel tower is 324 metres (1,063 ft) tall, about the same height as an 81-storey building, and the tallest structure in Paris. The replica at Eco Park, Kolkata is 55 meters tall and about 18 story high. The original Eiffel tower has restaurants on its levels and then a observation deck at the top. In the replica there is no restaurant but both the levels are for observation. The replica Eiffel tower at Kolkata gives a good birds eye view of Eco Park. It has nice open area around the tower so you can stroll and enjoy the art work. It also has a restaurant named dhaba Ajante. Entry to is included in the entry fee of Rs 30 for Eco Park. In part 4 of the video we will explore more on Eco Park.

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