Effects of Covid19 on Environment

Today is the 5th day of the lockdown in India and we have started to see some unintended consequences of that. This means 4 days of less pollution and there is hardly movement of people in most places. People are reporting they can hear clear chirping of birds, see more clear skies, and can get more fresh and clean air. Wild animals have been found roaming the streets of our cities who might have come out thinking where did the humans go! These 21 days will go on to do some wonders to the environment. But that is not enough time for rejuvenation. In Mumbai’s iconic Shivaji park, birds have taken over it. People commented they have never seen so many birds normally. Its like animals are saying, humans are not there, lets go and take over :-).

Human intervention will probably be least in these 21 days. The results are already showing up just after 3 – 4 days. COVID19 is actually a great time for introspection. The uncontrolled increase in population has harmed the humans most apart from wildlife, environment etc. There is still time to improve and for that population control is a must.

Watch a few videos of who came looking for humans!

A civet was found walking on the road in Kozhikode, Kerala.
A Nilgai (blue bull) spotted near GIP mall, Noida.
Deer and Cheetah spotted around Tirupati Tirumala ghat road, Andhra Pradesh.