Dharavi Slum Tour, Mumbai

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Tourism is changing every year. It is not the same what was one decade or two decades back. Tourism is just not seeing scenic beauty, monuments and antics, it is about the experience. These days words like slum tour, poverty tour are doing rounds. It may sound awkward but they are happening and yes, in our country too.

Be The Local Tours and Travels, conducts Dharavi Slum Tour by students of that area. Dharavi is the largest slum in Asia and is a entirely different world. It may be an improvised area but has millions of dollars in turnover. For more info you can check a site: http://www.dharavi.org/

Mainly foreign tourist want to take tour of this area and tour operators are promoting it. They claim tour guides are local students of Dharavi who are very knowledgeable about history and culture of Dharavi and have a lot of experience with overseas visitors. Plan includes walk tour of 1 hr to 3.5 hrs costing in between Rs 300 to 500.

So if you are interested in Dharavi slum Tour call: +91 9930027370, +91 9664376369
email: info@bethelocaltoursandtravels.com
or visit: http://www.bethelocaltoursandtravels.com/