Stop at Devimane on The Way to Murudeshwar

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Devimane is a ghat which comes on the way to Murudeshwar or Karwar from Sirsi. It is located at a sharp curve on the hilly roads of western ghats. The surrounding is filled with thick green forest on the lofty hills. During early morning or in winter season this place will be filled with mist. Typically all tourist take a stop at Devimane. The view from here is excellent. We were lucky to get a clear view of the valley below. Just besides the road there is a devi temple. To reach there you will have to descend few steps. In front of the temple there is some vacant space, you can get a good view of the valley.

You can also see occasional wildlife like the Langur (Hanuman). These are a type of monkey which are bigger in size and have black hand, leg and face. Monkeys found in and around Bangalore are much smaller and have red face. The Langur I have seen at Devimane was similar to what I have seen in west Bengal. The only difference is Hanuman in West Bengal are little bigger in size.

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