Dekho Apna Desh Pledge

The government of India has launched an interesting concept wherein it asks people to voluntarily to pledge for a cause. On the Indian government pledge website: I recently saw a pledge for Dekho Apna Desh ( See your country). It asks people to visit atleast 15 locations across India by 2022. It is a noble way to promote tourism and economy related to it. People who travel learns more about the culture and heritage of the country.

As of now 29919 people has taken the pledge. The highest number of pledges are taken by people are as follows statewise:

  1. Maharashtra 14.4%
  2. Kerala 12.2%
  3. Karnataka 11.3%

From the age wise pie we can see its quite natural that the most active age group has the highest number of pledge takers. The gender pie chart shows 80% of the pledge takers are men.

The promotional photos of Dekho Apna Desh campaign has only a girl’s photo :-). It would have been more welcoming to see a boy’s picture as well on the campaign photos along with the girl.

I have taken the pledge to not just see 15 locations but much more. I will also urge you to the pledge to see more your country and own the history & heritage that is INDIA.