Save Money While Traveling With Coupons

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Traveling is not easy given the high cost involved. If you think of backpacking where a traveler fixes a certain amount for a day’s expense is not for every body. The secret to successful traveling is good planning and clear vision of your need. If you are planning to go holidaying with your family then start planning well in advance. In a family, there are people of different age groups and have different needs. This requires detailed planning. If you are going out with your friends then you share the planning job among yourself. But as the needs will not be very diverse so one can take it little easy. If you are going solo, then you need not think but anybody but yours. Solo travel is not very popular in India and people might even laugh if they here someone is traveling alone. But nonetheless planning is required in all types of travel.

So what does planning helps in?

1. Early bookings
2. save money
3. Last minute rush
4. Heartache

For a enthusiastic traveler his/her idea would be save money reasonably whenever possible so that they can travel more. If you are a millionaire and like to spend money for your satisfaction then this do not apply to you. In India travel deals and promotion is a very recent phenomenon. Earlier we only had our travel agent and people were at their mercy for any bargain or deals. The advent of Internet has also led to the expansion of travel industry in India many fold. The online medium provides many new tools like the travel portals viz:, etc which strive to provide low fare bus tickets, air tickets, hotel bookings etc. Likewise, we have a new method to save money by using coupons. Recently, I stumbled on a site called Cuponation which provides discount coupons free of cost on various top Indian online eCommerce portals. I checked their travel section and found a number of discount deals.

To avail the discount coupons, one has to click on the deal and it will redirect you to the online portal. You may (sometimes may not) have to use a code to avail the discount deal on that site while making your purchase. Please share your experience if you have any on Cuponation.