CouchSurfing – A Nice Way to Travel and Meet People

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Today I read about CouchSurfing (CS). In their own words,

CouchSurfing is an international non-profit network that connects travelers with locals in over 230 countries and territories around the world. Since 2004, members have been using our system to come together for cultural exchange, friendship, and learning experiences.

It is a nice idea and gives an opportunity to meet different people all over the world. It also saves on your budget and gives you an edge knowing the local culture and cuisine. As you will staying as a guest at your host’s house, you are most likely to have a better experience.

So what is in for you? There are thousands of Indian on CouchSurfing, so if you do travel abroad still you have options to meet people in different parts of India. Also, there a large number people from Bangalore. They organize regular activities. So you can get together with them.