Visit to Confident Amoon Resort, Bangalore

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On the second Saturday of August 2012, I went to Confident Amoon resort as part of a team outing. It is located on NH4 after Hoskote on the way to Kolar.

Route: Bangalore – KR Puram – Hoskote – Thorahalli – NH4 – Confident Amoon (Left hand side of the road). As a landmark one should be able to see the statue of Pharaoh Tutan Khamun from a distance.

Distance: 35 km from Bangalore city

Time taken: Half an hour

This resort was themed on the lines of Egyptian architecture and landscape. The first thing one would see of Confident Amoon is the 66 feet statue of Pharaoh Tutan Khamun. The reception is situated just besides the statue. On the other side we saw a while Lincoln limousine followed by battery operated cars and vehicles parking. Guests are typically welcomed with a drink and then a golden color robe is tided as sign of guest of this resort. We found people in the reception wearing Egyptian attire.

Next we started exploring the area. Also, near the statue is the discotheque. Then walked through the mini golf course. On the other end of golf course is a thatched room which acted as the dinner buffet. Walked little further through palm tree lined lane and reached the lunch buffet. Food was very good – variety of chicken starters, chicken curry, mutton curry, chicken byriani, tandoori nun, butter panner etc. In deserts were ladygini, icecream, pineapple jilebi, payasam etc. Following lunch we proceeded to the playing area. Three types of games were organized. Teams were created using chits. Our team won the first prize in one of the events.

Following this went to the playground. A pretty big ground and with a gallery with chairs on the eastern side. Played cricket after long time. On the western side there are facilities to play snooker, table tennis, carom and badminton. However, one has to pay certain amount to play them. Next on mind was exploring the resort and do some photography as early evening was approaching. Walked through the tree lined lanes, besides the villas with private swimming pool, caves etc and tried to capture the uniqueness of the resort. The resort also has a public pool to be shared by all guests.

By dusk we were in the discotheque. On both the side big sofa type bean bags are placed for utmost leisure. Started with a can of beer. Buffet snacks like chicken kabab, hariyali kabab and gobi manchurian was served. Once done with the first can went to the dance floor and danced like a pro. Danced for almost two hours to various Hindi beats. But at the later part the songs were not encouraging enough. I felt dancing on the floor burns 10 times more calorie than running on a treadmill. Following disco dance, dinner was arranged. Dinner buffet had a large menu as well. I went for a light dinner with basal leaf soap, gobi manchurian, chicken kalmi kabab, tandoori roti and chicken curry. For desert went for one scoop of butter scotch, two ladigini, pineapple custard etc. After dinner we left the resort. Reached home around 10.15 pm.

Old Madras road (NH4) used to be a two lane road earlier. But now the infrastructure has improved many fold. It is now a four lane two grade separated road and exotic plants or trees has been planted on the big median. Most of the signals has been covered by flyovers so it is pretty much like a signal free road. Good road, so driving is not a problem. Overall experience at Confident Amoon was very good. I would recommend a visit there.


Confident Amoon
Glamour Resort +Spa,
NH4, Old Madras Road,
Near Hoskote, Bangalore.

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