Chandikeswara Temple, Hampi

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After Lakshmi Narasima temple, further on the way comes Chandikeswara temple. This temple is most likely dated to 16th century AD. The east facing temple has a sanctum vestibule, a mahamantapa with entrances on north, south and east. Most of the pillars in this temple has Vaishnava representations like Hanuman, Garuda, balakrishna, Kamdhenu, Srinivasa etc. The garbagriha has a pitha carved with a figure of garuda. The brick mortar super structure is treated with stucco representations of vaishnava sculptures. It is thought that due to the affinity of sculptures of Vaishnava, the temple might have been dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Now it is a small temple in the country side surrounded by trees. We took small break to see the temple. If you are too tired cycling then you can take rest here and as well as see the temple.

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