The Challenge of Travelling Solo

Recently I did a trip to Wayanad in Northern Kerala. A popular so called hill station or resort destination in this part of the country. The plan was to visit with one of my friend. But at the 11th hour he was unable to make it. It was long weekend with 2+2 holidays. I wanted to make the most of it but now looked almost over. The challenge was either to solo or drop the plan altogether. At that short notice it was unlikely to manage any other partner. I had travelled solo earlier but that was just a package day trip from KSTDC. I went solo ride for few hours but nothing like the plan this time. It got me thinking, as the trip was going to be almost 3 days. I had never travelled alone for such a long time before. This was nothing but a mental block which I later realized. And mental block comes from the fear of unknown.

It was a tough fight but the traveller in me own. I decided to take the plunge for the exciting trip to be just myself. Whole night I could not sleep in excitement and anxiousness that I might miss to off board at Wayanad in sleep. Next two days there was challenge of doing things all by myself but that was joy of unbridled freedom and peace. Now in the hindsight, I feel proud of taking up the challenge. It has helped me remove the mental block of solo travelling and introduced to the joy of solo travelling.

Challenges are like a puzzle like this painting at Edakkal Caves. We need to relish the challenge by removing the metal block to see through it.

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