The Challenge of Learning Guitar

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I have fantasized about playing guitar from very early in my life based on a continues feed of Bollywood musicals. Playing guitar also considered to be hip among the young. So keeping with my wish I enrolled for guitar classes in 2004. The classes were for only two days a week. For the initial month I attended the classes. I was enjoying it but was not doing enough practice. The co-ordination of fingers to hold cords and play strings requires good understanding and even more practice. Then my shift used to change every fortnight. I skipped a few classes in between and then it rolled into one week. Now I am puzzled when I think, why I completely stopped attending the class? Following this various other things took over and I was not thinking much about guitar. In 2007 I made an effort to join classes again but it did not materialize. In 2012, one my friend who is a self taught musician, offered to teach me guitar. Here too after two classes guitar went into oblivion.

The challenge of learning guitar would not have come to my mind now, if I would not have been writing about Relishing the Challenge series. As I am analyzing, I think I might have turned lazy or I did not had enough drive to complete lessons in Guitar. I still have the wish to learn and play good guitar. This season I want to relish the challenge of learning guitar. The wish is already there. However, I will have to turn it into a passionate wish so that I do not quit again. This time I will make a very calculated plan and schedule before I start again. I should also keep the teacher in the loop if I am not making to a class and why I am unable to make it. Will also have to find time for practice. This is good enough a challenge that I have already made three attempts and I am still at it.

Playing good guitar will be an Alive is Awesome moment for me. I want to continue relishing the challenge of playing guitar for that nirvana moment when I will be playing the six strings and the right notes are coming out!

Guitar is throwing challenge on my face as Raghu is throwing open challenge to Virat Kohli in the below video:

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