Discovering The Joy of Flying on an Aeroplane

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Flying on an aeroplane is a joy in itself. But then why it was kind of a challenge for me? Firstly I am little scared of heights and in my whole adulthood I have traveled by flight only 3 times. I had to visit the northeast of India in 2010 and I did not had enough holidays at hand. So decided to fly from Bangalore to Silchar via Kolkata. As the Indigo flight started gathering speed on the runway, my heart started pounding faster. The take off was a graduated feel of pull up in the air. With every announcement of the height climbed by the plane I was little more conscious. At 36000 feet above ground level the plane stabilized and auto pilot was initiated. The first look outside my the window, gave an exhilarating view of floating above the cloud. Slowly I started to enjoy flying in the sky! And little before touch down at Kolkata took pictures of clouds through the window. I was happy to walk on land again in Kolkata.

But the thrill is not over yet. My flight from Kolkata to Silchar was a Air India Airbus 330. This much bigger aircraft did a very small run and the take off was just sudden pull of weightlessness. I was surprised! Little later we encountered bad weather and rain. The plane had entered some amount of turbulence. Meanwhile my gaze fell on the wings of the plane and I saw to my astonishment that 2 – 3 metal sheets are flapping. Then my thought was that the wing is giving way. I just dint say anything. The weather became better after sometime. I started to see hazily the green leaves of trees through the mist. Little later could see a part of land hidden among trees. It was an amazing view. Later found it was Silchar airport. My zero knowledge of aircraft wings just made me more anxious. This amazing journey through the air was little challenging for me but I started to relish this challenge as it opened a new door to a different form of travel altogether!

High in the air and above the clouds, Alive is simply awesome!

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