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Welcome to the 4th edition of carnival of travelingbeats. This time we have many people submitting various articles. I hope you may enjoy this.

ivanisko presents A Report from Barcelona posted at Bookstore Guide, saying, “We recently posted our latest report from our summer road trip – report from Barcelona – which offers our impressions of the local anglophone bookstore scene. The cities we covered previously include Brussels, Paris and Madrid.”

Daisy Simon presents Portugal’s main attractions posted at Tours4Fun Resources blogs.

Katherine McMahon presents A gluten Free Safari in Tanzania posted at Gluten Free Alaskan Goddess, saying, “Blog containing gluten free travel advice and recipes.”

Jessica presents Jamaica Travel Tips posted at Jessica’s Travel Tips: Travel For Cheap, saying, “Information for your next Jamaica vacation.”

Sam presents Golf Travel Insurance – Dangers Of Not Carrying This Specialized Type Of Insurance posted at Travel Insurance Info.

GrrlScientist presents Finnish Emergency Medicine: One American’s Experience posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “Probably the thing that scares international travelers most is suddenly becoming ill or requiring emergency surgery while overseas. This story describes one American’s experiences in the medical system in Helsinki Finland after falling on the ice and seriously fracturing my right wrist and undergoing surgery.”

Caitlyn Howells presents Cocoa Beach Florida | Luxury Vacation Package Ideas posted at Luxury Vacation Package Ideas, saying, “Knowns as the perfect beach town, Cocoa Beach is an hour drive east of Orlando on Florida”

Caitlyn Howells presents Cruise Ships: A Romantic Getaway for Couples | Luxury Vacation Package Ideas posted at Luxury Vacation Packages, saying, “With large workloads, hectic schedules, and children, many couples need a break from their daily routines. This break often comes in the form of a romantic getaway. If you and your partner are searching your next romantic adventure, you may want to examine the possibility of taking a cruise.”

caitlyn howells presents Fun Museums for the Child in all of Us | Luxury Vacation Package Ideas posted at Luxury Vacation Packages, saying, “If you are bringing young ones on your visit to San Francisco, you”

Caitlyn Howells presents State Parks offer Intriguing Options for Travelers | Luxury Vacation Package Ideas posted at Luxury Vacation Packages, saying, “There are many things to do while visiting Seattle Washington that are either free or inexpensive. Many of the free things to do in and around Seattle are outdoor activities. Because of the incredible views and magnificent scenery in and around the area it makes perfect sense that several of these would be visiting the many state parks in the area.”

Caitlyn Howells presents Tuscany Sailing Vacation | Luxury Vacation Package Ideas posted at Luxury Vacation Packages, saying, “These days, more charter companies have opened up making it easy for people to see various destinations by sea. If you are planning to go to Europe, why don”

Vichuda presents Lake Toba Largest Volcanic Lake in The World posted at Kota Medan City Indonesia.

Vichuda presents Finest JW Marriott in the World posted at Kota Medan City Indonesia.

PFCreditCards presents Priceline Gets You the Cheapest Hotel Deals posted at PF Credit Cards, saying, “A real world example (mine) that shows you why I love priceline so much!”

Stig Kristoffersen presents Budapest – Hungary is an Unforgettable Experience With Its Magnificent Beauty Which Never Ends posted at Information about BudapestInformation about BudapestInformation about Budapest.

Alexis presents March 2009 #1 – New Escorts – Client Demographics posted at Alexis Club Videoblog, saying, “After almost 24 years in business, and serving three different generations that whole time, you would be amazed at how often the question of age pops up. Naturally, we decline or discourage providing our prestigious adult holidays to persons under 24 years of age but how about at the other end of the spectrum?”

Ben presents Spring Break Vacation Money Savers posted at Money Smart Life.

Vic presents Lake Toba Largest Volcanic Lake in The World posted at Kota Medan City Indonesia, saying, “Visit lake toba, the largest volcani crater lake in the world, history and pictures”

Steve presents Where can I get cheap mailing lists from anywhere? posted at Mailing List Resources.

Steve presents Two Common Direct Mail Mistakes. and How to Avoid Them posted at Mailing List Resources.

John Catanach presents When The Stars Glittered In Puerto Vallarta posted at Bed and Breakfast News Blog.

John Catanach presents Ottawa Senators Tickets – Ottawa posted at Bed and Breakfast News Blog.

John Catanach presents Save Big Money using Priceline posted at Save Money Make Money, saying, “Save big money when staying at really nice hotels.”

Jay Green presents Remote Computer Maintenance: RCM posted at Remote Computer Maintenance, saying, “Save Money”

Mike Stevens presents WHERE CAN I GET CHEAP MAILING LISTS FROM ANYWHERE? posted at Biz Data Lists.

Vichuda presents 44 Places to Go in 2009 posted at Kota Medan City Indonesia.

Vanalli presents Cocnut Island in Phuket posted at Phuket Vogue, saying, “Nothing and nowhere beats Coconut Island in Thailand.”

Vichuda presents Kota Medan North Sumatra Indonesia posted at Kota Medan Guide.

travelcat4 presents Can Your Eco Holiday Save The Tigers? posted at Eco Holidays.

scedu presents How to Improve English Skills | posted at ScEdu, saying, “Language is our means of communication. When you advance your language skills, you become a better communicator and thus meet with greater success in your social and business interactions. Misunderstandings, due to poor English, can be avoided when you seek to improve your skills. Here are five easy exercises, that, when practiced consistently, will set you on the path to a mastery of English.”

smithtelevision presents The Most Popular Las Vegas Shows | posted at SmithTelevision, saying, “If you are looking to save several cash when purchasing tickets to the various Las Vegas shows in Nevada, it is most excellent to get your tickets well in advance.

As well as this, buying trip packages with tickets included may be a good way to save a few dollars too. If you will be visiting the area, indulge in no less than one or two Las Vegas shows for a feel like none other!”

beckoffice presents Picking the Right Hostel For You posted at BeckOffice, saying, “Hostels are a great place to stay and accommodation is usually the biggest cost people have while they travel. Hostels give travelers: social interaction, a room, a kitchen, local tips, and a nice shower. They are an vital part of a backpackers or long term travelers travel experience and it is important that you stay at the one that best suits your needs in order to get the best hostel experience you can.”

pop5 presents How To Get Flights to Spain | Pop5 Travel Tips posted at Pop5 Travel Tips, saying, “If you’re considering Spain as a holiday destination, you have a wealth of options in destinations and airlines to get you there. Aena, Spain’s airport management company, operates 47 full service airports in the country. With such a large number of airports, travelers can usually make arrangements to land at an airport that is within 50 km of their holiday destinations. You’ll find that Spain’s airports offer the same services and conveniences of your home airport.”

scuba-divers presents Wetsuits: An Introduction posted at Scuba-Divers, saying, “Wetsuit is a protection suit used in sports like swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, triathlon and others. All water sport activities can benefit from using a wetsuit. It function is to keep you warm and protect you from cold water. Clement owns the wetsuit information site where you can learn everything you need to know about wetsuits.”

hihobvi presents How To Get Fit For Surfing posted at Windsurfing Blog, saying, “One of the great things about running a small business is they usually grow out of a passion, or an avid interest in a topic. In my case, the business was borne out of two. Gold Coast Surfboards was borne out of a passion for surfing and a passion for travel. With the idea that others share these passions, I built a business with the intent of providing them with everything they need, to make their surfing holiday the best they’ve ever had.”

wallowater presents California White Water Rafting Tips posted at WalloWater, saying, “Although it is incredibly fun, rafting can provide some risks. This is the very reason why you should plan your trip with a reputable rafting company and be prepared. You can never be too careful when it comes to things like these, so part of planning a good trip will include choosing a reliable company, knowing where to go and knowing what to bring.”

Caterina Christakos presents » Blog Archive » Princess Cruise Vacation Secrets posted at

dave presents 8-Tips for Packing and Traveling Lite posted at fanfrickntastic.

Nora Dunn presents The Cost of Full-Time Travel posted at Wise Bread, saying, “As a Professional Hobo, I can give you the scoop on the cost of full-time travel. Hint: It may not be as expensive as you think.”

smithtelevision presents Money in Montana posted at SmithTelevision, saying, “Montana is also quite known for brewing beer, mead and other home brewed goods, currently ranking as the third largest for income generated from microbreweries. Industries growing in the area include those of lumber and the extraction of minerals, most of which include gold, silver, talcum, vermiculite and coal. Going for a trip to Montana? Why not make it worth the trip? Montana craft shows. Visit Montana craft fairs, that’s what I use to check up on mine.”

scuba-divers presents Safe Scuba Diving Starts From You posted at Scuba-Divers, saying, “Scuba diving allows anyone to go deep into the seas but it is a skill and technique that must be learned first. There will also be a lot of key scuba diving equipment that one will need to acquire in order to enjoy the activity for long periods underwater.”

wallowater presents A Kayak for Spring Training. | posted at WalloWater, saying, “Kayaking is popular amongst fishermen, divers and adventure sports enthusiasts due to the range and adaptability of the kayak. In fact, the sport of kayaking is growing in popularity so much that the price of kayaks has risen dramatically in recent years.”

beckoffice presents Cheap New York Hotels posted at BeckOffice, saying, “If the concept that a hotel room is meant for a short, comfortable stay in clean and safe settings, but without trimmings is acceptable, New York has several low priced facilities available. They are sometimes labeled as inns or hostels.”

hihobvi presents Safe Wakeboarding With The Right Gear posted at Windsurfing Blog, saying, “The water sport of wakeboarding has seen its popularity rise dramatically in recent years. It is very similar to what surfers and jet-skiers are used to and might explain why it has quickly caught on. Fans of extreme sports have also taken to it since it also relies heavily on the execution of moves under high pressure situations.” presents Vegas Shows Reviews & Tips posted at Pop5 Travel Tips, saying, “When spending time in Las Vegas, it looks like most of the event is centered in gambling in the casinos. But, one of the finest points to enjoy in Las Vegas is to take in Vegas Shows. The shows in Las Vegas are some of the top in the world, and there is a large selection for you to choose from. Here’s the most popular type of Vegas Shows. Different varieties available on the strip for you to choose from.”

smithtelevision presents Cherry Blossoms in Georgia posted at SmithTelevision, saying, “Georgia is the best place to appreciate the sights and smells of food and blossoms. Want to find out where to go? Visit Georgia Craft Shows. There’s a whole new side of Georgia you haven’t seen yet! Visit Georgia Craft Shows today.”

Byteful Travel presents The Top 3 Exhibits at Chicago’s Field Museum posted at Byteful Blog, saying, “Rarely am I able to step into a place with such vast wealth of knowledge as the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois. The Field Museum is a world-class natural history museum enclosing over 1 million square feet with more than 20 million specimens, including Sue, the largest, most complete, and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex fossil ever discovered. Today I’m going to highlight the top 3 exhibits you simply can’t miss, they will take you to another time and space. (High-resolution photos included.)” presents Lots of Activities Available at Mississippi Fairs posted at Pop5 Travel Tips, saying, “Mississippi is known for being a place interested in literature and music. Mississippi has also embraced other forms of art, and the strong religious traditions of the people have inspired amazing works of art which have been shown all over the world. Go ahead and visit Mississippi Craft Fairs now to see the amazing work of expert craftspeople!”

scuba-divers presents Underwater Photography with The Best Housings posted at Scuba-Divers, saying, “For those looking for relevant information on underwater camera housings and other scuba gear. The best people to turn to are the experts in scuba diving. For all scuba diving enthusiasts, underwater camera housing is an important part of scuba divers photography equipment.”

hihobvi presents Hawaii: Surf?s Up! posted at Windsurfing Blog, saying, “Get smart and start joining Hawaii festivals to make sure that you earn some extra cash on the side. Hawaii craft fairs will provide you with the right opportunity to sell the things that you make.”

beckoffice presents Ideal Hotels in Orlando Downtown posted at BeckOffice, saying, “Hotels located in the downtown of Orlando are among the favorite choices of many business travelers who wish to have their leisurely moments too. They are mostly located in the business district area which is nearby to all major business establishments, shopping centers, entertainment areas, restaurants and bars.”

wallowater presents BVI Sailing Fair Winds and Following Seas posted at WalloWater, saying, “Occupying a tiny amount of the world’s dry land, the British Virgin Islands are giants in the world sailing community. Known as the sailing capitol of the Caribbean, the BVI are a remarkable destination for sailors and those who would be sailors alike.”

Shannon ODonnell presents a little color…holi elephant batman! posted at a little adrift: a rtw travelogue, saying, “Adventures during one of India’s most colorful festivals: Holi – where they throw paint on everyone and have a joyous celebration throughout the streets of the city.” presents Trip to Tawang: Part 2: Cherrapunji posted at

Liz Wright presents Costa Rica Day 2: Visiting Arenal, the Rumbling Volcano posted at Travelogged.

smithtelevision presents Hunting Mushrooms Festival posted at SmithTelevision, saying, “Indiana holds one of the largest mushroom festivals and car shows in the surrounding states, the Mansfield Village Mushroom Festival and Car Show which is most usually held around the weekends of the last week of April. The mushroom festival is a certified family event and a sure crowd gatherer, especially if you have the weekend off for some mushroom gathering fun.”

beckoffice presents Low-priced Travel Ideas – 6 Ways You Can Save on Travel posted at BeckOffice, saying, “Are you eager to leave on a wonderful holiday but facing the problem of inadequate resources? Well, finances are always a matter when one plans to go for holiday yet it is necessary to have a vacation once in a while.”

A traveler presents Uganda Equator posted at Places to visit before you die, saying, “The Uganda equator is a great place to check out if you’re looking for something exciting to see.”

Victor Schultz presents St. Peters Basilica | Michaelangelos Pieta | Pictures of the Vatican City, Rome, Italy posted at St. Peters Square, Vatican City, saying, “As you enter St. Peter’s Basilica, it is hard not to be awestruck by its vast size and sheer beauty. For example, as you walk in you will see some very large statutes to the side. While beautiful in their own right, I mention them as a reference point on the incredible size of the interior space. If you look up you will see writing and numbers that are carved into the upper wall just below the ceiling. While this text appears to be relatively small to the unaided eye, in fact the those carved letters and as tall as the large statutes you see to the sides as you enter.”

scuba-divers presents Scuba Diving Equipment In a Nutshell posted at Scuba-Divers, saying, “When it comes to scuba diving the most important thing is the training that you have, the next most important thing to that is the gear that you will need to have. Everything that I will cover here will be essential if you plan on making some deep dives.”

hihobvi presents A Taste of Hawaii posted at Windsurfing Blog, saying, “Dont be caught stoked and broke in Hawaii. Get smart and start joining Hawaii festivals to make sure that you earn some extra cash on the side. Hawaii craft fairs will provide you with the right opportunity to sell the things that you make.”

wallowater presents Beginners Guide To Surfing – Express The Learning Curve Lesson 1 posted at WalloWater, saying, “Beginners Guide To Surfing – Express The Learning Curve Lesson 1…You must cover the basics when starting out, the first few steps you will need to cover are…”

Bucksays presents Mozzarella to Provolone posted at Buck Says, saying, “A cheese tray ends the meal in Europe. Hints on places to learn about how to handle this custom” presents Family Togetherness at Utah Fairs posted at Pop5 Travel Tips, saying, “What You Need To Know Before You Go… If you want to showcase your crafts in Utah as well, go to Utah Craft Fairs and apply for a booth now!” presents Bhilai to Raipur on bike: Chapter 3: Telibandha Talab, Raipur and Mahant Ghasi Das Memorial Museum, Raipur: Part 1 posted at

Liz Wright presents Rainmaker: The Originial Hanging Bridges Tour in Costa Rica posted at Travelogged.

Laura Yeager presents So here’s the deal posted at Summer 2009 American Adventure, saying, “Check out my summer US road trip plans. Give me some advice and let me know where I should visit!”

Caterina Christakos presents You’re Traveling on The Golden Princess Cruise Ship. What Does it Offer? posted at

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