Carnival at Galle, Sri Lanka

On 29th of December 2013 witnessed a unique blend of Sri Lankan carnival. I could not found any info whether this is an ancient tradition or recent tourism related phenomenon. But nevertheless it was an awesome display of Sri Lankan culture, dance form, dress and treat to the eyes. The carnival started from a small ground near Ramada hotel and walked through the periphery of Galle fort to conclude at the same ground. The carnival was led by 3 girls holding the flag of Sri Lanka. They were followed by numerous individual troupes displaying dance, music and athletics. On show were Kandyan dance, devil with fire dance, women in immaculately draped sarees dancing to the tunes of local instruments played by men, an elephant dressed with lights etc. The carnival included all form of people even the 3rd sex. The crowd mainly comprised of tourists at the Galle fort and were totally enthralled. I along with my friend walked along with the carnival throughout. Happy to be there to view the awesome visual display and capture some moments on my lens. Leaving you with the images below:

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