Business Networking and Idea Building in the Wild With

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In the recent years the immense potential of India’s tourism sector has started to be tapped slowly. With more new minds joining the India’s workforce, its no longer the few typical avenues of making a living like being an engineer or doctor. The current generation is ready to take the risk of breaking free. People like Rajesh Madan, Mohit Sareen and Mohit Aggarwal bringing in innovative ideas of taking business networking and idea building to the wild with The wild is always one of the best place to rejuvenate oneself. With that if we can through in business networking and idea building, its just an awesome proposition for a businessman.

Business Standard states: Leopards are Mukesh Ambani’s inspiration. The Reliance boss once said he liked spending hours watching the wild cats and even takes business lessons from them.

Innovative ventures like this is opening up the travel industry further. We also need to keep in mind at the same time that with more people into the wild, it will put more pressure into ecologically sensitive areas. So maintaining of rules and regulations is imperative.