Bus Services Started Between Kolkata and Agartala

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Yesterday a new bus services has been started between Kolkata ( capital of Indian stage of West Bengal) and Agartala ( capital of India state of Tripura ). The significance of this bus service is that it is an international bus services which will use territory of Bangladesh during its journey. The northeastern part of India is landlocked and has to use the chicken’s neck area to connect to India for any sort of land travel. So if one has to travel to Kolkata from Agartala it takes almost 2 days by land route covering a distance of around 1650 KM. This also leads to more expenditure as there is no direct train or bus service. One would have to reach Guwahati and board a train to Kolkata. This results in a day’s halt in Guwahati and hence more expenditure. Wheres the direct distance of Agartala and Kolkata is around only 451 KM. This new direct bus services will not only reduce travel time, it will also save fuel and other expenditure. On the other hand Bangladesh will probably earn revenue on road usage. This is a win – win situation.

It is a great unlocking of the future possibilities!!

India PM Narendra Modi, Bangladesh PM Seikh Hasina and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee together flagged off the bus from Dhaka towards its onward journey.

The bus will be run alternatively from both sides by West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation LTD and Tripura Road Transport Corporation (TRTC). The bus from Kolkata would leave from Karunamoyee International Bus Terminus, Salt Lake and The travel time would be around 14 to 16 hours. Times of India reported that ticket cost would be Rs 2000. This is also a great news for travelers who are looking to travel to north eastern part of India. With reduced travel time, one can put more time in sightseeing. However, to avail this service one must have a passport and apply for transit visa to travel through Bangladesh.

Bus service has started but I could not find any info where one can buy ticket. Online ticket purchase is probably is not available now. Both the state government should either make tickets available for purchase online on their portals or should collaborate with private ticket selling platforms. This will make it easy for travelers and help in planning for travelers who are not from Kolkata and Agartala.  Looking forward to make a journey on this route one day!