Bom Basilica, Goa

Apart from the pristine beaches of Goa, Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the most visited destination. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. Construction started in 1594 and was Completed in 1605 during Portuguese rule. Located in old Goa, it contains the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier in well decorated box. The architecture of this church is very refreshing as it does not look like a typical church. It is made of brick and has elaborate on stone, metal and wood. In the middle of the building there is a square space which allows sunlight in. Here on one side of the corridor people plant candles.

On the other side is another cathedral and museum. The museum closes by 4 pm. In between Bom Basilica and the other cathedral there is a park which is inhabited by little white Crane birds. There are a lot of relics in Bom basilica and its antique bell caught my eyes specially. In front of the basilica there is a small grassland where on can sit at leisure.

Following this we walked to the other side. Here the cathedral is completely whitewashed. The interior of the church is in Gothic style which is typical of older churches. Outside the cathedral is a white statue of Jesus. Once we started walking towards the exit from this side we saw three canons. It is a very neatly maintained place and makes for some good photographs.

Entry fees: No entry fees
Photography: Allowed
Shoes: Allowed entry with shoes
Timings: 6 am to 6.30 pm
Location: 10 km from Panjim

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