Bolgatty Palace, Cochin, Kerela

Bolgatty palace

Bolgatty palace was originally built by the Dutch on an island now known as Bolgatty island. It is one of the oldest Dutch palaces outside the Netherlands. It was built by the Dutch traders and later served as the Governor’s place for the commander of the Dutch Malabar. It served as home to the British governors after it was leased to British in 1909. After Indian independence it was converted to a heritage hotel – Bolgatty Palace run by KTDC.

Bolgatty palace

It has a beautiful surrounding. Our driver was able to take his car inside. The water front is banked with concrete and one can see marine drive the other side. Now the resort has a swimming pool, golf course, a Shiva temple, ayurvedic center and daily Kathakali dance performance. Sitting at the waterfront one can enjoy the traveling tourist and passenger boats crossing the bay area.

It is a premium heritage hotel and entry is not that liberal. We spent some time by going around the property. Walking around the lagoon is an awesome experience. There are a few igloo type honeymoon cottages which could be worth experiencing. They have their own boat to take the guests around. The view of the surrounding bay area is great!

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