Bhadra Maruti Temple, Khuldabad, Maharashtra

The Bhadra Maruti temple is located at Khuldabad around 4 kms from Ellora caves. It is very near to the Daulatabad fort. We travelled there on 24th December 2015, which was a festival day of the Muslims called ID-E-Milad. We saw a large procession of people on bikes, vans, jeeps and all sorts of vehicles with green crescent flags. Due to the festival there were restrictions on certain roads and we had to take inner lanes. After driving through by-lane neighborhood of Khuldabad for some time and asking locals, we reached Bhadra Maruti temple.

Here the deity is Lord Hanuman. It is one of the rare temples where you can see Hanuman in reclining posture. The temple is made of white marble and the sanctum sanatorium where lord Hanuman is installed in sleeping position is fitted with mirror. Also, the ceiling of the outer sanctum is fitted with mirrors. Out of curiosity I asked the priest – How old is the temple? He replied, its from the time of Ram rajya (kingdom). So if we take time of Lord Ram into account, it is thousands of years old. Just outside, there is also a Graharaj (Lord Shani) temple. If you like, you can offer oil. Women are not allowed there.

Earlier, this place was known by the name Bhadravati. During the medieval times this area came under the rules of Mughal empire and the name was changed to Khuldabad. Read more about Bhadravati. Also, nearby lies the final resting place of the last famous Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.