Coming Alive in The Celestial Waters of Apsara Konda

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Apsara Konda in Kannada literally means pond of celestial women. And it did not let us down! Located in Karnataka, this place remains hidden in nature as a stream plunges into a gorge forming a falls and a pool below. To reach here one has to walk little bit after motorable road ends. First we had to walk uphill and we started to wonder what the heck is here! As we went near the gorge and started climbing downhill, we saw nature’s amazing hidden beauty. It was an alive is awesome moment! It made me feel the sweat was worth it.

After reaching the base, we found there were already kids and families enjoying on the lap of the falls. My friends were talking if we should get in the water. But I was thinking on a different plane. The pasionate photographer in me already dreamt doing a photoshoot and I was pretty much clear about the angles I would want! This is the speciality of such places which makes one think creative. Surrounded by woods with this falls sprinkling water like crystals in the gorge, this place just brought me alive. Awesome is just another superlative here.

Our legs were itching to walk into the water but we did not had bathing gear with us. But we did something more special. First, we folded our trousers and walked into the shallow water of the pool. The water is so crystal clear that we could see the floor. Itermittently, small fishes were doing the rounds of our legs. That was no less an experience! To explore the falls differetly, in filmy style we walked on the stone littered edge of the pool hanging on to roots of trees. The falls was flowing parallel to many bushy tree roots. Then turn by turn we forwaded our head under the falls holding the roots. The splash of clean sweet water on the head and face was so rejuvinating. I noticed a boy was taking bath with soap. I imagined if it were me! Being here is just awesome!

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