Bathing at Shivanasamudra Falls

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I visited Shivanasamudram falls for the first time in 2004 on a KSTDC package tour. Next time was in August 2010 – Shivanasamudra Falls Bike Trip. This time I enjoyed a royal bath of the falls made by river Cauvery. The part of the falls we took bath is called Gaganachukki falls. One has to walk more than 150 steps to reach the base of the falls.

I suggest to bring comfortable bathing cloths to enjoy your bath or it can be risky as well. There is no change area so we changed using our towel in the midst of nature. Cauvery river in the form of milky water keeps gushing with roaring sounds from the woods. To enjoy the splash of the falls directly, we walked left crossing small streams in between stone boulders to reach the pool created by the wall. The color of the water in the pool is little greenish but it is clean and pure.

After playing with friends a while in the pool, I kept my sight on the ridge through which the falls is flowing. There is a small platform and people were climbing. We took turns to climb on to it. On top of it is, nothing but Alive is Awesome bathing experience. The gushing sweet milky water splashing directly on me was a massage of river Cauvery. With my backside facing the water, I sat for a while and it soothed many pain points. I could not sit that way for long as the force of water was pretty strong. The water hitting hard on the rock creating droplets so crystal in shape that I came to admire them. Around the falls it was like a cover of mist.

There were waters sprinkling on the right hand side of the falls. I stood under them and it was like a natural shower. Following this we went for a coracle ride on another pool which we encountered first. The coracle man took us just besides the plunging water on this side. We could feel the wind created by the force of gushing water. It was misty around and water was sprinkling on us. After bath I was feeling a lot lighter both in terms of mind and body. While we were climbing the steps on our way back, we had Chilli Fry from the local vendor. I will cherish this bathing experience whenever I will remember.

Be careful, Be safe. Enjoy Madi!

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