Rendezvous With Newly Launched Cinthol Range

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On 24th Oct, morning I was back from Goa. The day before in the evening we bathe at Palolem beach. Following which we had no choice to cleanse our self with fresh water. Playing in the sea ensured there was sand on almost every part of the body. I was looking for a very rejuvenating bath at the comfort of my bathroom. I wanted to try something new bathing material. Then I remembered about the newly launched Cinthol range which has reached my way. So an exhilarating rendezvous was set. As soon as I reached home, I set out to get fresh. At the first look of Cinthol gift hamper, oozed a single word – awesome. It will make a really nice gift for anyone. The soap range includes Cinthol – Lime, Cool, Deo, Strong and Original. I opened Cinthol Original as it advertised itself as a complexion and deodorant soap. I was tanned a lot during my tour of Goa.

Following this I made my way to the bathroom. As it was little chilly that day, I turned on the geyser. A little warm water and soaking my body in Cinthol Original was a perfect recipe for Alive is awesome experience. Took the help of a scrubber to help Cinthol cleanse my body of sand (which was omnipresent). The soap makes good leather and with Cinthol smell, the bathroom soon turned into pleasure room.

Who can forget the Cinthol ad featuring Vinod Khanna in 1986. Around the same time it also used cricketer Imran Khan for an ad.

Vinod Khanna

Imran Khan

The same intense was matched by Hrithik Roshan in one of the recent Cinthol ad campaign.

Hrithik Roshan

Cinthol was having its effect and it was an indicator for the shower. With drops of water hitting me, it was like waking up from a deep slumber. I let the shower water wash me while I enjoyed. While patting me dry, the fresh feeling was undeniable. I was a big fan of Cinthol Lime and use it even now on and off. In my bed room Cinthol Energy deo spray was waiting to spray me with energy. What a combo! Energising your surrounding! With freshness around I went for a much deserved sleep.