Bastion Bunglow, Fort Kochi, kerala

Bastion bunglow is located in Fort Kochi area of Cochin. It was built in Indo – European style in 1667. It is called as Bastion bunglow as it is located on the Stromberg bastion of the old Dutch fort. It is located on the idyllic road of fort Kochi near a play ground. It is a two story building with Mangalore tiles roof. Presently it is under the Archeological Survey of India.

I visited there on a Sunday morning. Saw it from outside and as I think normally people can enter. I was told by our auto driver that, here even shooting for movies and TV serials take place.

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  1. The pictures and findings posted by Jeet is awesome………..especially the pictures are rich in clarity and focusness!Great work,keep it up!

  2. very informative,highlights our Indian culture and heritage,speaks great of our land………….infact worth visiting;)))))

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