Bangalore – Mysore Highway to Become Six Lane?

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Today Bangalore Mirror ran a report that, survey work to upgrade Bangalore – Mysore road to a six lane will start next week. First, this is a very welcomed news. The 141 km is a dreaded stretch for motorists particularly on weekends. I remember sometime back on our return journey from Coorg, we got stuck in a traffic jam lasting more than an hour near Bidadi. It was caused by an accident. Freaky accidents takes place regularly on this stretch. The traffic density on this road has increased manifold. And on weekends it might be too much for it to handle. Add to this the human negligence of driving in the wrong direction of a one way road, not following lane discipline and incessant honking. Infrastructure upgrade for this stretch of road is a must. I have seen this road when it was just a two lane road even without a divider.

But there is a little bad news for those who travel frequently on this road. As the project will be funded by the Indian union ministry of surface and road transport, it will be tolled by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). The toll is probably for recovering the investment and in this regard NHAI will get to maintain this road for 18 years. But take heart, they are planning to construct two service roads on the entire stretch for those who would not like to pay toll. Now the questions is, will the free service road be maintained on per with the tolled highway? Also, as the service road will be free, it might see more traffic.

On 10th of February this year Times of India had ran a report that Bangalore – Mysore highway could be 8 lane but looks like it has come to six lane. The ground work is supposed to start by 2015 and the government claims that it will be completed by 2017 – 2018. The cost involved is a massive Rs 3000 crore. And pretty surely due to delay in implementation, there will be cost inflation. But before it gets completed for good, people gear up for a more bumpy ride to Mysore. The only alternative road present now is national highway 209 via Kanakapura. The route should be:

Bangalore – Harohalli – Kanakapura – Malavalli – Bannur – Mysore

The other route of 111 km to be implemented by NICE never took off and remained in quagmire. However, you have a better option to escape all this by opting for train. An express train takes around 2 hrs 15 minutes to reach Mysore. Presently, I think Bangalore – Mysore road is a state highway but once the project is completed it will be upgraded to a national highways status and will be designated NH 275. Lets pray for its early take off and completion!