Banasura Sagar Dam, Wayanad, Kerala

Banasura Sagar dam is said to be the largest earthen dam in India and the second largest in Asia. It is located around 21 km from kalpetta. Here a tributary of river Kabini called Karamanathodu has been damed for irrigantion and drinking water supply purpose. The banasura hill is located at the backdrop of the dam reservoir. Also, there are few islands formed by the reservoir water.

Entry fee: Rs 15
Camera fee: Rs 25

This project is run by the Kerala Hydel Tourism Center under the KSE (Kerala State Electricity Board). After purchasing the ticket I crossed the gate and I saw a large landmass. I assumed that should be the embankment. I started walking beside it. On the other side I saw a rising hill, which is the Banasura hill. After walking a bit under the sun reached the steps which need to climbed to reach the top of the embankment. One can take a stroll here, a road has been laid. From here one can see the beautiful sight of the dam reservoir. On the right hand side a flowering garden has been laid. There was also an artificial falls though hardly any water was flowing. One can walk further to go under shades of tree on the hill.

Boating is available here. They take you long distance into the reservoir. Cost for a trip per boat is Rs 500 and max 5 persons are allowed. Life jacket is provided and enforced here for safety (good job!). However, I could not find enough people to share the boat with me so I had to abandon the boat ride. I also found horse ride is available there. However, as principle, I do not prefer animal rides.

I noted that Banasura Sagar dam would be best visited during monsoon or just after monsoon.

If you like to stay nearby then you can try Banasura Hill Resort. It is an earthern resort and one of its kind. But it does not come cheep.

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