Missed at Baga Beach, Goa

baga beach, goa

On the second day of our Goa trip, the first destination was Baga beach. We were there before 9 am when the crowed was thin. There were mainly morning joggers and people had just started to arrive. The sea was just waking up to welcome people for another day of fun. I always dreamed of bathing at one of such beach. Baga beach is special as not every beach is a natural estuary. Here the Baga river empties itself into the Arabian sea. While reaching here we saw Baga river flowing through paddy field and coconut groves. It makes an awesome sight to view the dark green river Baga meeting the light blue Arabian sea.

The white sand Baga beach is also very apt for bathing. I liked it more than Calangute beach where we were staying. The flat beach allow you to venture into the sea and is not dusty. I first ventured in river Baga which is on the right hand side. Near the river shore I could see the river bed. Typically at an estuary the flow of river is almost zero but the other end of river Baga had good current. My first thought was to just plunge in the water and swim in the river. I dreamed of walking on the river shore towards the mouth of the sea. There were few boats anchored on the river shore. I wished I could hire them for a river boating in the estuary. Baga beach is a nature lover’s paradise. As I was getting more indulgent in its beauty, I heard call from my friends that we should leave as we have to cover other places. Being in a group we have to sometime give up individual wishes. But I left with a word that, we will be back tomorrow morning (which did not happen).


I took a walk along the sea shore and watched people sitting leisurely with waves by their side. I saw a kid running mad with joy on seeing the sea for the first time. An old couple enjoying their romantic outing. For a moment it zipped through my mind, this is the moment. First I can take bath in the sea and then get a soap (Cinthol Lime) to cleanse myself in the fresh water of river Baga. But with a heavy heart and smile I said to myself, I will be back with enough time to enjoy what you have to offer. Not to say that an Alive is awesome experience is missed for now. As I walked back towards the road through the coconut trees, I noticed a temple in typical Goan style. Did a little bit of photography there. While I sat on our vehicle, Baga was still at the back of my mind – as it is now. Baga is one of the reason I will visit Goa again.

Note: I was later told by the owner of our home stay that it is not safe to venture deep in river Baga and one has to look for high tide. During low tide one can cross the river by walk.