Badavilinga Temple, Hampi

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Badavilinga Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Here Shiva is in the form of a linga. It is a large 3 meters high monolith carved out of a single rock stone. The pedestal of the Shiva Linga always remains submerged in water. Legend has it, that Badavilinga temple was commissioned by a power women.

The Shiva Linga has a fairly large circular pedestal (yoni pitha), drawing into a pranala (outlet). The central median line (somasutra) has the three eye mark, drawn in the line carving. The sanctum chamber that houses it, is a stone, brick and mortar structure.

It looks the temple was much higher in height in its original form. Only the stone part of the temple survives today. The roof of the temple has a big whole which allows light or sunlight to fall on the beautiful Shiva Linga.

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