Archeological Museum, kamalapur – Near Hampi

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Archaelogical Museum, Kamalapur

How to reach there: The Archeological Museum in Kamalapur is located around half a kilometer from Kamalapur bus stand. Walk from the bus stand to the circle and take left. Kamalapur is located 6 km from Hampi. To reach here one can take bus from Hampi or Hospet. One can also hire two wheeler from Hampi or private Vehicle from Hospet.

Timings: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, Friday closed

Entry fee: Rs 5 per person

Note: This entry fees also works for Lotus Mahal / Elephant stable on the same day. So do not dispose your ticket.

Archaelogical Museum, Kamalapur

The collection of sculptures were mainly done by the then British officers by ASI’s own admission and were kept at the Elephant’s stable. The Archaeological Survey of India constructed their first museum in Hampi area at Kamalapur in 1972. Then the collection was shifted to the present location.

At the entrance we found two stone sculpted lions on both sides. As we walked further we found the statues of Krishnadeva Raya and his two wife welcoming us.

Archaelogical Museum, Kamalapur

At the center of the museum is the replica of the geography of Hampi.

On the 4 sides there are rooms containing treasure trove collection of Hampi. Various stone carved architectures, utensils, metals, coins of various kings and era, their tools, their weapons etc. Photography is prohibited inside so I do not have any pictures from inside the museum.

Archaelogical Museum, Kamalapur

The museum also have a very interesting section where it shows how the Kannada letters evolved. It shows that Kannada letters in early stage was mainly using Devnagari or borrowed from Devnagari letters but slowly it changed. Today Kannda and Telugu letters are same apart from few letters. The Vijaynagar kings gave royal patronage to both Kannada and Telugu language. At this point the thought of Origin of Telugu and Kannada language comes to mind. In the border districts of Karnataka like Bellary, Hospet most people are well versed in Telugu. Both of them might have a common origin but answer is not clear.

Outside there is a lawn with green grassland where many stone statues are stationed. A very nice place for photography. During day time it could be hot.