Trip to Apsara Konda: It Offers Waterfalls, Park and Beach

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Location: Apsara Konda is located in the Uttara Kannada (North canara) district of Karnataka, India.

Distance: It is located around 8 km from the town of Honnavar, 28 km from Murudeshwar.

How to reach there: The best way to travel in this area is by private vehicle. However, you can use public transport. One can reach upto Honnavar town from Murudeshwar, Sirsi, Gokarna etc and then need to hire an auto to go through the country side mud road. The mud road road will lead you to a temple. From here you will have to walk around 50 meters.

Where to eat: There is a small snacks shop to the right hand side of the temple. Here you can buy water, cold drinks, biscuits and the like.

Where to stay: Kamat Executive Inn

As part of the recent trip I visited Apsara Konda. It is a small village on the western coast of Karnataka. From Honnavar you will have to take a narrow country road to reach Apsara Konda. Our vehicle stopped in front of a temple. In fact there are two temple – a devi temple and Ramachandra Mutt. You will have to go inside the temple premises, take right and then climb from here little bit. Little further on the right hand side you will see stairs going down. This leads to the Apsara Konda falls. Apsara Konda in English means pond of celestial women. From here the village got its name. The water is falling like in a valley from about a height of 8 – 10 meters. It is naturally cavity shaped surrounded by green cover. The water from the falls forms a small pond here. It will be amazing to take bath here. I saw few families taking bath there. My instant thought was that I should plunge into the water. But as we did not take carry necessary items from our van, we did not take bath. But that did not stopped us from venturing in the water. There are a lot of small fishes in the pond.

As we wanted to enjoy the water the sprinkling of the water from the falls directly, one by one we trekked through the side of the pond and stood on a stone holding roots of a tree. Hanging and moving little forward to splash with the falling water. Took some very good photos there.

Climbing uphill from will take you to the park. There is a small entry gate which you will have to cross to reach the park. The park is still under construction and there was no charge to visit it. The park is located on top the hill which descends slowly to the sea beach. I saw they have planted various kind of ornamental plants which is very nice. But I feel it is more essential to plant shade giving plants as this part of Karnataka is very hot. During day time it may not be an ideal place to venture around. So with lots of trees it will cool down the climate around here and shade will allow visitors to venture around comfortably. The park has few view posts. One of the best among them is the one on the extreme right hand side. From here you can get a view of the long white sand beach besides the green cover.

An artistically house and sitting arrangements are built on the left hand side of the park. The specialty is they are embedded with sea shells. You can also try descending using the steps to the sea beach. Watching sunset from here is amazing. We missed the sunset here as we had to reach Murudeshwar.

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  2. Hiii… All please do not visit this place, it’s like risking ur own life!! Tat too playing at the beach we lost three of ma friends, please no trips here especially who are planning to play in beach!!! Take t ceriously

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