Anjuna Beach, Goa

Anjuna beach is located near to Mapusa town. One can just board a bus for less than Rs 10 to reach Anjuna. We reached Anjuna during afternoon and it was very hot. We soothed our self little bit by having lime soda (Rs 20 per glass) from one of the vendors there. Ask for Masala sweet for good taste.

To reach the beach one has to descend through the steps. The beach is rocky and with lots of iron deposit. Some part of the sea water were brown in color due to erosion of iron deposits. There is not much of sand beach here and bathing may be hazardous.

Anjuna is popular for the flea market which held on every Wednesday. Also, I understand from various sources that Anjuna is also popular for parties. One of the best night club of Goa, Paradiso is located here. One can have food at Oasis, Zuri, Shore bar or LaFranza.

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