Air Asia Flight Rules When Flying Resumes Again in India

As of now all passenger flights both domestic and international are not operating. The national lockdown in India is still on till 3rd of May 2020. Some states have extended it further like Telangana till 7th May etc. No inter state travel, no trains or flights are operating. The government is talking or hinting about easing the lockdown post 3rd May. Will flights resume, looks unlikely. As of now cargo flights are operating though. But one thing for sure travel will not be the same how it was before COVID 19. Many airlines are already issuing guidelines of flying whenever flight operating resumes. Airlines are talking about social distancing in seating and mandatory wearing of masks. Today lets review a set of guidelines issued by Air Asia in India.

  • Air Asia puts the responsibility on passengers to ensure that they are eligible to travel, be it international or domestic before booking a flight.
  • You will be required to bring your own mask and wear it properly before, during and after the flight, including during check-in and bag collection. Guests without a mask will be denied boarding.
  • Carry-on cabin baggage – to facilitate social distancing especially during embarkation and disembarkation, Air Asia will only allow ONE piece of cabin baggage not exceeding 5 kg for each guest. This will help minimize unwanted contact between you and another guest’s baggage and vice versa.
  • Please arrive early at the airport – preferably 3 hours before departure – to allow for enough time for all the necessary processes to take place.


– Temperature screening will take place at different checkpoints, including boarding gates

– Cabin crew will go through temperature checks after every shift

– Social distancing will be observed with floor markers at queuing areas, including check-in counters & kiosks

– Alternate check-in counters will be opened to keep social distancing

– Hand sanitizers will be available through journey processing point for guests and staff

– Cabin will be disinfected via aerosol spraying before departure of all domestic and international flights

– Pre-flight briefings on safety and hygiene will be conducted for all boarding cabin crew to ensure we are consistently following the most up-to-date advice 

– Contactless web and mobile check-in to reduce surface and physical contact in check-in and boarding processes


– All AirAsia aircraft are fitted with HEPA filters normally used in hospitals, which filter out particles and airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria

– All cabin crew will be in protective equipment including masks and gloves. ( So flight attendants will now look like hospital attendants 🙂 )

– Air Asia will observe seat distancing, when flight occupancy allows, for guests to move within respective zones, under cabin crew’s guidance

 Food Safety
    – All meals are produced and packaged hygienically following strict food safety requirements
    – All production staff will regularly be monitored on COVID-19 guidelines 
    – Cabin crew handling menu items will wear disposable gloves 

– Cabin crew are well trained to assist with any medical situation inflight including identification and isolation of anyone onboard who may feel unwell ( Assuring to hear this )

– Temperature checks will occur before arrival to destinations where temperature screening is mandatory


– Health declaration forms will be handed out to be filled out before or on arrival

– Thermal screening will take place upon arrival

– Transit passengers will be asked to stay at the airport

– Mandatory quarantine may take place as per regulations at your destination country 

Air Asia has put tentative dates of flight resumption for many countries but they are all subject to government approval of those countries.

These detailed guidelines and their dissemination to users in advance is reassuring. The airlines are working hard in preparation to welcome passengers on board again and they know it too well if COVID 19 positive number spread from their flight then that flight will be grounded atleast for some time. Use your conscience to see if you really need to travel.

Happy flying whenever flights resumes again!!