7 Wonders of The World at Eco Park, Kolkata

7 Wonders of The World at Eco Park, Kolkata is an awesome collection of miniature replicas of seven wonders of the world. There are Pyramid of giza, Egypt, Phoenix from Egypt, Petra (jordan), Taj Mahal (India), Christ the redeemer (Rio, Brazil), Stone statues of Easter island, Colosseum (Rome, Italy), Great wall of China. It is good amusement park and certainly a good place to hang around. It gives an opportunity to people to atleast get a feel of the wonderful monuments of the world where are also UNESCO world heritage sites.

If you are just interested to see 7 wonders of the world at Eco Park, Kolkata then you enter through gate number 4 and there is parking facility as well. This way you will not have to walk a long distance if you enter through the other gates. The evening scene with wonders of the world around is lovely. As the light lit up in the evening the Taj Mahal replica was looking even more beautiful. There are a few stores which sells ice creams etc. I bought one chocolate ice cream while I stroll enjoying the evening breeze. Watch the video of this part of eco park to see it for yourself.

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